Adam Raw - Letní workout inspirace pro SebeRevoltu. Summer workout in Czech republic, inspiration for our community. music: ECHOED - L.O.R.D.

As always I will be happy if this video can motivate anyone to train hard no matter what sport you do. Move is life and until we move we live. Keep going brothers!!! Adam Raw - 93kg - 4 years of street workout Shout out to SebeRevolta community and BeastMode family! Shout out to LBM for he was mentor to me when I started and I respect him as brother. Shout out to my lovely Nikii for she is the sun of my life. Music: Solomon`s Theme (Battlefield 3 Soundtrack) by Instrumental Core Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

I decided to make 2012 compilation video, not to just inspire and motivate others, but also myself to work even harder and progress more in 2013. New age begins, Living Legendz, prepare. Big thanks to Little BeastM since he is my teacher and I respect him the most among community. Biggest thanks to my lovely Niki, as she is the Moon of my life. And I am so happy for all the love and support she provides me with. Hail to whole SebeRevolta. Lets make 2013 even more sick!! Special thanks for motivation: TIMO KAMAU BIG FLEX NIROC from Bar-barians Lord Vital

CZ: INT: facebook: instagram: Training and motivational workout video with so far the best additional equipement for workout and weighted calisthenics that I have ever used. Their plates are just pure magic on the belt.

I will be very glad, if this video can pump anyone up to workout and motivate/inspire you to train harder and always challenge yourself. SHOUT out to Lord Vital, Boris Terry and Little BeastM, my heavyweight brothers! I also respect some lightweights who train legs, but just cant take inspiration from them. since I am much heavier and so my workout. But we all are one family!! Peace brothers, KEEP WORKING OUT NO MATTER WHAT!!!! Big thanks to Master Clarence Yapp for his great song - Clarence Yapp - Forging A New Blade (Victorious Orchestral Theme 2013) - EpicMusicVn _ Cinematic(1)

ENGLISH!! - Třetí epizoda SebeRevolta TV a Adam Raw o jeho tzv. ''Ledové disciplíně'' !

Spring season open inspiration for all my true followers and friends! Lets see what spring and summer brings! I hope this can motivate anyone to go out and workout like me! Salute to my boss Lord Vital AKA Beast - you know that we will never do it like you! If you like this video share, comment and subscribe please! Salute all my hitters and motivations u know who you are! CAMERA: Follow me: . CZ:

TRANSLATION: Čtvrtá epizoda SebeRevolta TV a Adam Raw o zdraví jako měřítku nejen ve workoutu.

Video of 2 meters tall very strong and unique man. Memory video for my dear friend and workout beast Evgeny Scherbina. Footage from Stuttgart Championship 2015 in Germany, Raw Workout Camp 2015 and CCWBattle 2015 in Czech Republic. Share!!


Somewhere in Ostrava. 0°C Salute from Adam Raw to whole worldwide Workout and Calisthenics community! May is 2016 free of injuries and full of your progress!!

I made this video in memory of Mr. Ultimate Warrior (James Brian Hellwig) who passed last month. Many of his words inspired me so deeply and I am grateful so much. I hope my training cuts and this speech compilation can make you think different and inspire too. Hail to - Mr. Ultimate Warrior, CT Fletcher, Ido Portal and ''the Socrates'' Enjoy - Share and Subscribe please

As always my Ideas for you. You can take this video also as challenge to make your own Moments of Power compilation - put together the most memorable moments of yours NO MATTER what you do. Than you can send it to me in message or put video response. Thanks to all friends and fans! Few of my best: 64kg pistol squat 88kg overhand pull up 80kgx3,5 neutral pull up 90kgx1,5 neutral pull up 100kg 8 sec one arm hang One arm front levers and hard elements at 92-96 kg bw etc.

FOR ENG: These episodes will be in Czech language only. Šestá epizoda Raw Workout TV. V tomto dílu krátká idea účelné adaptace těla nepohodlí vstříc progresu a zdraví. Přidej se zde: FB Adam RAW ENG: FB Adam RAW CZ:

7. epizoda série SebeRevolta TV a Adam Raw.

Short workout couple motivation from us :)) more to come soon! Subscribe.

I am happy to bring you first episode of our new series with my brother LittleBeastM. After very bad injury I am finally back and I will train hard now to get even more power than before injury. Stay tuned for more. LittleBeastM got injured even more badly 1,5 year ago he torned his bicep tendon when working his full planche holds. Now we both are ok, healthy and happy that we can train and inspire each other and mainly of course YOU, to be better YOU and find your inner power not just physically but also mentally! REMEMBER, everything is in your MIND. WE both got shot down into our knees but we risen and now WE ARE BACK. SUBSCRIBE FOR EPISODE 2. Good Luck, stay injury free and train smart. I wish you the best -Adam RAW.

As always I will be very happy if any of you can find this video inspiring and use it for self motivation to workout. Many of you are great motivation for me as well and I am very happy to provide others with my own vids since i created this channel. All what I do is part of my real training. Stay tuned, stay healthy and keep working out!!! New routines for beginners to come soon!!

Follow the video, pause when needed. Get chest, shoulders and triceps. More routines coming soon, stay tuned. Comment. Subscribe.

Today I tried to go for reps with 100kg. Got 9. Did not like just second rep but all were solid and ok. Thanks to hitters and all true ones who motivate me to hit hard! BW: 89 kg!!

I believe only fair competition in pull ups is with DEADHANG FORM so each pull up is 100% no momentum. Form over reps. So I hope some of you will take this challenge and answer. Good luck :))

První sokolovna této zimy, přidej se i ty a sleduj pravidelné tréninky na !!!

Follow the video, pause when needed. Get Ripped. Comment. Subscribe. More routines coming soon, stay tuned, comment and share please :) Video: Adam Raw (me) Music: --- (none)

I am back and I am on my right path now. I hope this video will motivate you hard!!! Impossible is nothing! BW is 90kg now. This is Raw Workout - elite and complete body conditioning by calisthenics and weighted calisthenics for only real athletes. I dont train for status. I dont train for show. I train for being complete and express myself honestly, not lying to myself.

Pilotní epizoda SebeRevolta TV projektu. Uvedení. Odpovědi Adama Raw ohledně různých SebeRevolta Workout témat a informace pro Vás! ENGLISH SUBTITLES: (thanks to LORD OF TIME FOR TRANSLATION!!) Greetings and welcome to first episode of Seberevolta TV. I started this project because I receive daily too much questions on different topics on facebook and seberevolta site. I'm also sorry that I don't respond to every question but it's not in my power to respond to every question separately. Seberevolta TV is my solution and I will try through this to respond to many topics whether topics about food, training, how to gain muscles, how to lose weight, my training philosophy or many other topics. Simply what do you want to know. Because I found out that informations are the most requested thing. So I will try to help you this way. There will be videos on youtube on my own Channel. The name of a video will always start with Seberevolta TV - number of episode -- name of episode for easier searching. So this way you will be able to search backwards topics you are interested in. Very important for me is your feedback -- comments and questions about -what do you want to know -if my responces are helpful -what would you improve etc. So the first important thing is who we (seberevolta) really are. Something from our history. I think most of you already know but I will say that just to be sure. We are big community. We are a possibility for every age group but mainly young people to be able to join us and be a part of something bigger, gain inspiration and be inspired by positive things. Because in our society are many negative and not good things which are in superiority and then people tend to these bad things. So we decided to make an opportunity where positive things will be discussed. Things what we enjoy, our hobbies, friendships, responsiveness, helping each other, fulfilling our dreams, healthy lifestyle, healthy food, simply positive things which in some way have effect on our lifes. And sharing these informations together. History: I've been working out here in Ostrava and people started to join me. In time also Marek K. (Revolta) joined us. He tries to motivate and inspire people through his music. I tried always to motive and inspire people by working out. So it somehow came all together. We started in year 2012 project Seberevolta workout made first couple of videos. And from then on it went somehow by itself. When we realized that we enjoy it and it's fun then we started sharing it. Because happiness is only at the time when you share it. That's why when something makes you happy and something is working you want to show and share it with somebody. Seberevolta - sebe (self) - revolta (resistance). Resistance towards what ? Towards negative things in our society eg. smoking, drinking booze, drugs, among other things which have some negative effect on you or people around you. continuing in the comment. (full translation dont fit in description its too long)

Results tables!!---- This is TRAILER FOR FULL CWWB 2017 VIDEO COMING SOON! // 21.10.2017 Ostrava-Czech Republic REAL WORKOUT STRICT WEIGHTED CALISTHENICS LEAGUE!!! Another history was just created again! Real and complete workout - consisting of weighted calisthenics basics like Pull ups, Dips and Squats with additional weight. - Truly full body test of all disciplines and also separate European records. Big thanks to all sponsors, mainly: ISE stavebná firma, Centauria, and Codliveroilshop. If you want to be sponsor of this event next year please contact me at !! We are looking forward to you next year! Music: licenced beats Kamera: Petr Potyka -POTASMEDIA Edit: Petr Potyka -POTASMEDIA

Regular Raw Workout members all rounded session in Raw Room. Big big respect to our team member Deny K. - talented, all rounded, honest, epic bar-athlete! Probably one of few in the game who will show you 16kg oaps with 140kg squats, straddle planche and much more in one workout session! Everything was done in 2 hours!

Some older footage of neutral pull ups strength training. 92x1,82x3,72x5,47x11

We all were very tired after CWWB 2016 but we simply HAD to train together at least something before David left back to Spain! Legendary day no matter what!!! Big salute to both my brothers and I hope that we will train in full powers and rested together one day!!

6. epizoda série SebeRevolta TV a Adam Raw o části jeho pohledu na skromnost.

Druhá sokolovna této zimy, přidej se i ty a sleduj pravidelné tréninky na !!!

Get in shape before summer with this easy and free outdoor calisthenics workout !!! Free fitness. Follow us on FB:

COMPLETE RESULTS HERE!!---- 21.10.2017 Ostrava-Czech Republic - REAL WORKOUT STRICT WEIGHTED CALISTHENICS LEAGUE has another year behind and another history was just created once again! Real and complete workout - consisting of weighted calisthenics basics like Pull ups, Dips and Squats with additional weight. - Truly full body test of all disciplines and also separate European records were executed by the best of the best European Workout athletes. Legendary results has been set this year where the best of the best in Workout community world clashed and performed! We invited the strongest and most strict, top level European Weighted Workout athletes from various fields - Powerlifting, Streetlifting, Rawlifting, Street Workout, Raw Workout, Calisthenics and Weighted and even Freestyle and Undeground sphere. All European Strict Weighted Records are OFFICIAL and confirmed by Whole Czech judges team from: Lukáš Strouhal, Workout Karviná, Adam Raw, Raw Workout and volunteers. All records were set in hardest possible form of execution, uncomperable with any other competitions form. This form is used only on CWWB these days and is called Real Raw form or Rawlifting form. Level of Weighted Game is very professional nad high right now, and keeps rising every year even more, if you want to become part of this strong and unique community, dont hesitate to join us next year on CWWB 2018 in Czech Republic. If you know about any special athletes who are on level thats competition-able to such high level pro strict competition, give him information about CWWB and possibility to participate or direct him straight to us at !!! BIG RESPECT AND CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WINNERS AND PARTICIPANTS ONCE AGAIN ! !!! BIG THANKS TO ALL SPONSORS AND MAIN PARTNERS OF OUR UNIQUE EVENT !!! Mainly: ISE stavebná firma, Centauria, and Codliveroilshop. If you want to be sponsor of this event next year please contact me at !! We are looking forward to you next year! Music: licenced beats of Raw Workout and 300 OST Soundtrack Returns King Edit and videomaking: Adam Raw Camera: Petr Potyka -POTASMEDIA Grade: Petr Špetla -Spetlafilm

Just few clips, more coming from park soon. Stay tuned!

This full routine takes about 40 minutes in cold home garage. What is your excuse in warm gym??? Follow the video, pause when needed. Comment. Subscribe. More routines coming soon, stay tuned, comment and share please :)

Workout from FIBO Cologne 2014 and Fellbach park with Dennis Ratano and friends.

No routines or weighted in this video I wanted to show that nothing is impossible even when you are heavyweight in advanced calisthenics movements! You just have to earn it by working hard and not having excuses!!! This performance is just bonus to me my main focus is on weighted calisthenics, routines and LEGS. Salute all heavyweights in the game!

Legendary LORD VITAL aka BEAST - one armed calisthenics. Tons of one arm pullups and much more. Lord Vital is powerful like gorilla and has his original style of workout like nobody else. Founder of team BEASTMODE. True motivation and legendary strength inspiration for everybody !!! Pioneer of calisthenics from NY. Carry in mind he is over 200 lb. !!! Check out his songs too, Lord Vital is beast both on bars, listen and watch. EVERYTHING IS BEASTMODE

„Většina lidí se prostě bojí to tam v životě pořádně poslat,“ odpovídá Libor Podmol ve filmu na otázku „Proč si lidi nejdou za svým snem?“. Vítěz X Games ve Freestyle motokrosu se toho ale rozhodně nebojí, stejně jako osm dalších českých sportovců, kteří každodenně bojují s gravitací. Gravitation není typický dokument. Staví na úspěchu internetových motivačních videií a v devedesáti minutách tak předává divákovi hlavně energii zabalenou v příbězích sportovců, kteří to v životě neměli snadné a jejich sporty nejsou v Česku na nejvyšších příčkách popularity. Spojuje je boj s gravitací, každý na ni má svůj vlastní recept. Po boku Libora Podmola se v něm představí nejlepší český jezdec na BMX Michael Beran, freerunneři Jim Dohnal a Tomáš Zonyga, propagátoři street workoutu rapper Revolta a Adam Raw, Ferda mravenec extrémních sportů Jan Kaňůrek, stunt rider Martin Krátký a parašutista Jakub Pavlíček. Jedná se o celovečerní debut tvůrců Petra Špetly a Denisy Gumbírové s hudbou od skladatele Karla Antonína. Stránky filmu: Film si můžete koupit (download) nebo půjčit v odkaze: K dispozici jsou anglické a ruské titulky. Produkce: Špetla Film Distribuce: ZACHARY PICTURES s.r.o.

CCWB 2015 part 1 - OPENING AND MUSCLE UPS ! On 26.7.2015 in Olomouc-Czech Republic this amazing already 3rd year tradition workout event took place. Weight cathegories, real form, strict muscle ups, various freestyles, girls workout. Main sponsor: Raw Workout Main guests: Jones Saleh, Evgeny Scherbina, Freddy Raw Workout If you want to be sponsor of this event next year please contact me at !! We are looking forward to you next year! Kamera: Petr Špetla Edit: Adam Raw

First time this year 2013 in Brno Ghetto Park. Best park in Czech Republic. Super workout as always with Lada Pridal and Xione Calisthenics. We will release informational video for Street workout Battle 2013 very soon. Stay tuned and SUBSCRIBE!! Video: Adam Raw Audio: Lord Vital, C.Uno

FULL REPORT AND RESULTS: 23.4.2016 Ostrava-Czech Republic REAL WORKOUT MADNESS!!! Another history was just created! This is not usual and short few minutes for-fame video for entertaining masses. This video is bringing you true emotions and atmosphere of the day as always! 12 hours of this amazing event put into 15 minutes just to take you back in time! Main purpose is to bring there anyone who missed it! Its impossible to make short video from huge event like this. Over 450 visitors and 100 real athlete competitiors came to train hard and show what is real and complete workout - consisting of weighted calisthenics basics like Pull ups, Dips and Squats with additional weight. Big thanks to all sponsors, mainly: ISE stavebná firma /Oto Bortlik, and Ivo Hristov. If you want to be sponsor of this event next year please contact me at !! We are looking forward to you next year! FULL REPORT and RESULTS: Music: our own licensed beats Kamera: Petr Špetla - Edit: Adam Raw

Just started new warrior line workouts in Ostrava. Real life game where your only enemy is yourself and your limit. Real training with reaching bottoms not comfortable pre-learned showing off.

Finally after 2 years we bring up episode II. Stay tuned because We plan much more to come! I am 16 months after surgery now. Subscribe for more!

FB: Raw Workout Kemp není dětský tábor. Jde o workout-pobytovou akci-sraz lidí starších 18ti let na vlastní nebezpečí a odpovědnost s velmi bohatým dobrovolným programem Raw Workoutu a jeho idejí. Smyslem je vytrhnutí z moderní rutiny, kontakt s přírodou, sdílení zkušeností, celistvá strava, workout, pohyb a zábava. Info a přihlášky vždy na začátku léta dle novinek webu: a FB: Kamera, korekce barev: Petr Špetla Režie, střih: Denisa Gumbírová CZ: ENG:

The first preview of RAW Workout to this World FB - RAW -

I decided to make Legendary LORD VITAL motivational video since I consider him one of the Best ever in game and I took from him such alot of inspiration and motivation. TRUE BEAST IS ONLY ONE. LORD VITAL CALISTHENICS MOTIVATION 2013 Sorry for quality of some clips, its how I got them on net, cant be improved. Lord Vital is over 200 lb. !!

The greatest surprise and the best gift of my life. I thank from depths of my heart to my wife Tania for this unforgettable moment. I love you!

Just few clips from today. Spring is here!

We proudly welcome mighty Tania as a new official member of RAW WORKOUT TEAM. Congratulations and respect for both - finishing Raw requirements without any preparation for them and also winning Ukrainian National Street Workout championship 2016 in freestyle Girls category! Lvl.2 Raw Workout Requirements video will be probably coming from this talented strong girl as the first one! JOIN US TOO:

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