Taken onboard Virgin Blue DJ297 from Melbourne to Perth.

Busy day from the Observation Deck at Perth Airport

Inside the exclusive 7 star Burj Al Arab, Dubai. Starting and ending looking at the Sahn Eddar Restaurant, where we had an 8 course high tea! Filling after eating Burger King before we went, we didn't expect 8 courses.

Filmed from the new observation deck at Perth Airport, a Thai Airways A330 (HS-TEU) arriving from Bangkok overshoots the usual turn threshold and continues past.

Take off from Perth's runway 06, enroute to Melbourne for the U2 concert. DJ288 on 19/11/06, 6am departure.

China Southern Airlines A330, flight CZ319, arrives at Perth Airport from Guangzhou early morning.

My mates awesome pond, make sure to check it out.

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