Fifth Harmony - He Like That (Live on The Late Late Show with James Corden)

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Fifth Harmony  - He Like That (Live on The Late Late Show with James Corden)

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Comments to the video: Fifth Harmony - He Like That (Live on The Late Late Show with James Corden)

LiveInAwe xx 2 hours ago
This was lip synced weren't it??? Because Ally was getting spun around and she didn't even get tired and she hit every note.
Frost Inter 2 hours ago
Probably, some parts yes.
LiveInAwe xx 2 hours ago
With Lauren it was kinda disturbing.
IvAn ztripd 16 hours ago
Lauren your so fucking hot and sexy girrrrrrrrll here 100%
Amma b 16 hours ago
shout out to MC hammer!
Sharmaine Penalosa 1 day ago
Grr that dude my Lauren 😣
celeste hernandez 1 day ago
Damn ever since Camilla left they clearly have a different image now, meaning that they want to show more of their body and not use their talent in their voices
Janidelf Rodriguez 1 day ago
I like this performance and the way the band played the instruments. 💕
Michael Miller 1 day ago
worst stylist ever.
Pedro Henrique 3 days ago
Queens ❤️
Pedro Henrique 3 days ago
Nem acredito que não estão mais juntas.
vale vai 5 days ago
Yo juraba q esta cancion era de este año 😲😲 como pasa tan rapido??
Little direction 7 days ago
The dude was so touchy with Lauren like wtf?! 🤬 he’s touching every single part of her body🤬 too touchy
Little direction 7 days ago
The dude was so touchy with Lauren like wtf?! 🤬 he’s touching every single part of her body🤬
Cassie 7 days ago
lauren's dancer was too touchy with her. I don't like that.
lolatthisname 7 days ago
1:18 ally trying to get back in shot 😂😂
President Stewart 8 days ago
Dinah Jane is sexy AF 😎😍😎😍
Kaila Steele 8 days ago
if i was the guy dancing with dinah, i would definitely die on the floor
Morganna Parrish 11 days ago
Lauren looks like she is enjoying it to much 😂😂😂
Gift Dickson 11 days ago
Ray Santtos 12 days ago
Não tem como ouvir essa música e não lembrar de Diogo paródias!!
JJ Squad 12 days ago
Umm I would have thought Lauren would leave the group first because she doesn’t even really get to sang
Less Sanic 15 days ago
OMG this is too much for me
Eduardo Entreterimento 16 days ago
Suzettesu Grasya 21 days ago
3:41-3:43 Did he just touch Lauren's meow !!?? THAT WAS TOO MUCH! I'MA KILL YOU DUDE!!!
Cassie 7 days ago
I'm with you ! i was like bruh WTF ?!?
Medha das 29 days ago
Full f****** moments is going on
Thomas Cheung 30 days ago
I like to get Dunk with those guys will have celebration next week :)
Mabigail Ermino 1 month ago
1:58 No More Allysus 2:07 Norminah Moment As F*ck
liliancosta08 1 month ago
O bailarino da Lauren tava querendo hein? Kdjskdb
Bob Vickers 1 month ago
i love you ally & dinah you slayed
Maria Jose Cossio Silos 1 month ago
ya no son lo mismo sin Camila cabello
Whendrick gue 2 months ago
When i saw for the first time this video i thought thats was sex porn video i am so glad camilla out
ChylaXx16 Doge 2 months ago
Is it just me but that guy was really feeling her up on the couch???
Chindie Jade 2 months ago
i notice that if u listen VERY closely, u hear the hidden vocals of he like that, and the he trip when he on it, one taste and he want it part was sung by dinah this time instead of Normani
Nicki Leah 2 months ago
this is one of their best performances like ever
Rafaela Belo 2 months ago
Leart Avdiu 2 months ago
Irani Pimenta 2 months ago
Normani e esse cabelo. 😍😍😍
kalanie adams 2 months ago
Let's Take A Moment And Remember This M'fkin Lit Performance 🔥🤤Normani Was Born For This‼🍫🤤The Other Girls We're Awesome As Well🍫🔥
Me and You? You and Me 2 months ago
2:43 I legit wanna kill that guy, he was so goddamn touchy, I mean I understand it was the choreo, but that was too much, the rest of the guys weren't that touchy
Me and You? You and Me 2 months ago
stop being so touchy with Lern pls
claudiamarcela75 2 months ago
Lauen Hot Hot Hot
QueenK James 2 months ago
Normani 😍😍😍🤤
Robert Carter 2 months ago
fifth harmony love you is on the and happy EUD day miss you robby carter
Sofía 2 months ago
A Camila no le gusto esto :v
Maria Eduarda 2 months ago
2:44 MY GOOOD ♥♥♥♥♥
Evan 2 months ago
lauren normani and ally: lets all wear body suits and not tell dinah.
The cutest bread ever 2 months ago
Nelly Hernandez 3 months ago
they look like they are getting rapped
Erica Almada 3 months ago
fifth harmony 🙍🙎👩👩
azz6594 3 months ago
Awesome 👏 but I love those dancers👌
Vinicius Reis 3 months ago
Que show meus amores❤🍃😭👏
Marie c 3 months ago
im i the only one who feels like theyre trying too hard ,, its a bit awkward at times
aretha freeman 3 months ago
the fourth boy cute
Cristina Ramirez 3 months ago
They girls ,i can't they are so nasty so glad there over
Σοφία Σαρακίνα 3 months ago
I think we can all see that he is touching Lauren a lot😂💕
Arianna U 3 months ago
I just wanna know who the guy in the white shirt with the hat was 😍
Danielle Tukuafu 3 months ago
Imagine how horny the dancers must've been😂
hermionnie L. 3 months ago
They might’ve just copied the music video but this is one of their best performances.
hermionnie L. 3 months ago
This song deserves soooooo much better. I hate that it didn’t do that great.
Lauren Jauregui da Camilinha 4 months ago
Ciumes das meninas 🙁🙁
Yarexsi Palacios 4 months ago
There awesome even Lauren and Dina
Kenneth Kim Javier 4 months ago
It is really really sad that we wont be seeing good performance like this from them! Goodluck to their future solo careers! 😞😘
LaurensPusey ._. 4 months ago
they had to get a small dude for ally lmao
andrei dobos 4 months ago
Gabriel Reyes , he's the hottest.
Siria Bassi 4 months ago
Orrible gosh
MyBecca World 4 months ago
So sexual. no thanks.
Amanda Rivera 4 months ago
This is their best performance ever, I love it so much
ali baehh 4 months ago
Their best performance imo. The concept of recreating the vid is so cool
Jack 4 months ago
When God makes Normani he's has so expire.
ana chan 4 months ago
Wow all of them are fat no not curvy Beyonce or jlo are curvy Kim K but these girls even have their belly sticking out.
Devante Gray 2 days ago
ana chan and all those u listed have injections lmao
Nicole Rolle 4 months ago
Dinah’s dress is to short
Syrije Qallaku 4 months ago
they are trying to much im mean the clotch, the way they dance its toooo much
MJaneCastillo 4 months ago
black girl 5 months ago
black girl 5 months ago
J Singz 5 months ago
Props to dinah we both have asthama but i cant go like that long without it
J Singz 5 months ago
I dont think dinah likes how short her clothes are
Michelle Murdaugh 5 months ago
Dinah ass is out not cute.
Jaption 5 months ago
I’m not hating but at 3:07 it sounds and looks like Normani is farting 😂
Divya Shree KS 5 months ago
Ally is sooo short. love her.
happy face 5 months ago
Orgy performance
Manaia Bélshaw 5 months ago
Kabon Emilianus 5 months ago
Dinah killed it
Helena Abreu 5 months ago
Elas sao demaiss
Helena Abreu 5 months ago
ivygordon 6 months ago
They split..💔💔💔
vevy Lopes 6 months ago
Esse dançarino se esfregou bem em lauren hahahahaha
Paul Mellish 6 months ago
I miss Camila Cabello
Trésor Congo 6 months ago
Trésor Congo 6 months ago
Lauren 😍💖 Lauren 😍💖 Lauren 😍💖
chaMp95 ferrariz 1 day ago
I know how u feel 😁 Im crazy 'bout Lauren too!
Trésor Congo 6 months ago
Trésor Congo 6 months ago
M'y favourite Normani 😍😘 M'y favourite Lauren 😍😘 I Love Fifth Harmony 😍😘 I Love the songgg 😍😘
Maze Faanunumi 6 months ago
I like Dinah Jane better than all of them
Francisca Esparza 6 months ago
U las Weiner fome👎👎👎👎👎👆👆👆
Raquel XO 6 months ago
Pumps and a bump? So he has a thing for pregnant women?
Yadira Herrera 7 months ago
Poor Dinah she has to pull down her dress cause it’s to short
R U M 7 months ago
Fifth harmony is so sexy.all of their body.
איתי איתי המלך 7 months ago
זה היה גרועעעעע
pattjor 7 months ago
Excepto la morena las demás están un poco gorditas. La más bajita debe de cuidar lo que se pone, no tiene cuerpo formado y se le ve fatal con ese vestuario. Ahora ya sabemos uno de los motivos por el que Camila salió del grupo. Mucho toqueteo, creo que no deben permitir este tipo de cosas.en fin.
Alan Yahir Solis Hernandez 7 months ago
pattjor pero es x la ropa Ya viste el vídeo oficial como la de rojo tiene su abdomen Y no tiene nada de malo q sea así su vídeo esta padre
pattjor 7 months ago
Alan Yahir Solis Hernandez Jajaja yo las recuerdo en otros vídeos con muy buen cuerpo, la morena como te dije es la que se le ve en forma y la otra chica que imita a Beyoncé es más cuerpona está bien pero las otras dos no. No nos engañemos, mira la barriguita de la que habla español como Camila. Me gusta la canción pero tienen que tocarlas tanto?. Yo hablo de este vídeo que es reciente no de los otros. No soy hater pero tampoco soy fanática. Me gustan algunas canciones es todo. Saludos 😉
Alan Yahir Solis Hernandez 7 months ago
pattjor haber haber Disculpame lo q te voy a decir Ellas tienen un cuerpo espectacular Checa el vídeo oficial como tienen su abdomen marcado Solo ahí se taban con ropa pero checa el vídeo oficial Y todos dicen q porque son tocadas y hablan de sexo eso no tiene nada q ver Cada quien sus gustos,si ellas salen así esta muy bien Nada de q camila se salió por esto no según dice q se salió porque no componía Ahora xq eran muy tocada Jaja Ya ven solo son mentiras de fans de Camila q quieren q sea la inocente jajaja Se salio porque quería componer o xq era muy tocada jajaja Obvio q se salio porque quería componer ni alcazo tu comentario
Laeti F 7 months ago
When you can't stop staring at Dinah and Normani
Laeti F 7 months ago
I want to marry Dinah Jane