Fifth Harmony - He Like That (Live on The Late Late Show with James Corden)

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Fifth Harmony  - He Like That (Live on The Late Late Show with James Corden)

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Comments to the video: Fifth Harmony - He Like That (Live on The Late Late Show with James Corden)

Júlia Lopes 3 days ago
os outros mantinham distância das outras garotas, mas aquele filho da puta insistia em se esfregar na Lauren, que ódio
Manuh Falcão 4 days ago
Ai que ciúmes que me corroi desse cara com a Lauren affs
Mary Dominique Dupra 5 days ago
normaniiiiii you makin' me question my sexuality babe.
Francis Messias 7 days ago
Os dançarinos tudo gostoso,vem para minha cama delicia.
Baymax_YT Nicole 7 days ago
Damn, how he touch Lauren
Angel Santos 7 days ago
Estuprou a lauren ali que eu vi Também não me segurava kkk levava no colo e tudo kkk
Grace Jordan 11 days ago
Normani was really workin it❤❤❤
ZIGI UPDATE 12 days ago
I hate this slutts
normani is my crush <3
Mila Veiga 13 days ago
Normani 😯😯😯😍
LaurensPusey ._. 17 days ago
janice day 20 days ago
Jayne Goddard 23 days ago
Very entertaining mens chests 😁😂
Johan Loyah 25 days ago
Mustafa Urgancı 25 days ago
andrew leeson 26 days ago
For all you guys that are saying the dancer got too hands on , go have a look at their music video and see how over sexualized the dancing is and how the same hand on dancing is done on her in that vid
Shamim Dodia 29 days ago
They all got meat 😍😍😍
my videos 2018 30 days ago
Best song with amazing dance moves
Ann Ann 30 days ago
I wonder what their parents think of their dances / lyrics 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’d cringe if that was my daughter.
Almera Fabular 1 month ago
OMG Lauren s sooo hot,,,
LaurenNation 1 month ago
I got into this vid again cause i like it (😉) and I remember the guy that Laur had was so touchy But yeah i would do that too i mean it's Lauren who wouldnt want to touch that booty (That's just a joke guys dont take it seriously)
Grace Jordan 1 month ago
I deadass love lauren ❤❤❤❤
OT5 5Hstan 1 month ago
OMG Lauren 😍😍😍
Sofi Lettier 1 month ago
When you need to interrupt the coreography to pull your dress up because people can fully see your underwear, maybe its time to stop wearing your dress so short. It's not feminism, it's not liberation , it's just trashy. I'm not slut shaming you, I just sincerly would rather not see your underwear on a live performance.
Mxsic Visxals 8 days ago
she's wearing a leotard under the mesh dress and nude stocking covering her thighs. there is nothing wrong with what she's wearing. She's wearing more clothes than the average ballerina or gymnist!
R E E E E e e e e 1 month ago
I just noticed now Lauren’s dancer touched her kooch. Getting a “little” too touchy
meliza 1 month ago
Mas que seuxualização é essa
Christina C 1 month ago
Just curious is there an age restriction on this show/performance for live TV cuz I can’t imagine a family with little kids watching this djdjdj
Clara Elise Caminski da Silva 1 month ago
Eu não consigo ver esses coisão sarrando nas minhas minininhas,nos meus bolinhos,MDS cara tira esses macho de cima delaaas pfvr!!!
Monica Love 1 month ago
Ally is so weirdly shaped
Nathan Elsensohn 1 month ago
Porn on stage?
P.J. 1 month ago
Why they are soooo cringe? 😂
Só Treta 1 month ago
morgan31645 1 month ago
que culo tiene lauren se le mete la tanga bien rico
Akinde Cassandra 1 month ago
This performance is awesome Normani 's moves out of this world
Brendon Treloar 1 month ago
It's like the 4 of them just flow so much more naturally now.
Captivatedone 1 month ago
OT5 5Hstan 1 month ago
Lauren Jauregui is so hot😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Mark Lacey 1 month ago
They look better as a 4,Camila should join another group
Jungkook_Jimin fan 1 month ago
mikaelmmelo 1 month ago
THIS IS THERE BEST PERFORMANCE right beside Down - VMAs, Work From Home - MMVAs, Work From Home - Ellen Show
James Martin 1 month ago
Ally always been hot and still is 2dis day love ally
Ellen Senna 1 month ago
Raquel White 1 month ago
Normani slays
myrl_ lyss 1 month ago
Dude you’re too touchy to lauren
Cecilia Felix 1 month ago
Camila is way better off this is just trashy
Phonics one on one 1 month ago
To much desperation for sexual satisfaction. Always portraying sexual content. Frankly disgusting choreography. Some saying to touchy well they selling sex not talent.. Nothing natural about this message.
Jara Fajardo 1 month ago
Kudzai Mutembedza 1 month ago
l so much gay Normani. especially her dance moves.
leigh prendergast 1 month ago
they are sluts !
Jeremy Wells 1 month ago
Y’all got it backwards. 🙄🙄 Lauren’s dancer was doing it right.
Mercedes Rhino 1 month ago
Lauren took my ❤️ ages ago with her dancing and her looks and her eyes,god why does Lauren have to be so pretty like a goddess
We took a chance 1 month ago
Lauren is so fucking hot 😍😍😍😍 🔥🔥🔥🔥
CringeFest 1 month ago
*i got the pumps and a bump* has a flat ass
Yamkass -16 1 month ago
One of there best performances🤗
Mila Oliveira 1 month ago
LiveInAwe xx 1 month ago
This was lip synced weren't it??? Because Ally was getting spun around and she didn't even get tired and she hit every note.
Frost Inter 1 month ago
Probably, some parts yes.
LiveInAwe xx 1 month ago
With Lauren it was kinda disturbing.
IvAn ztripd 1 month ago
Lauren your so fucking hot and sexy girrrrrrrrll here 100%
Amma b 1 month ago
shout out to MC hammer!
Sharmaine Penalosa 1 month ago
Grr that dude my Lauren 😣
celeste hernandez 1 month ago
Damn ever since Camilla left they clearly have a different image now, meaning that they want to show more of their body and not use their talent in their voices
Janidelf Rodriguez 1 month ago
I like this performance and the way the band played the instruments. 💕
Michael Miller 1 month ago
worst stylist ever.
Pedro Henrique 1 month ago
Queens ❤️
Pedro Henrique 1 month ago
Nem acredito que não estão mais juntas.
vale vai 1 month ago
Yo juraba q esta cancion era de este año 😲😲 como pasa tan rapido??
We took a chance 1 month ago
The dude was so touchy with Lauren like wtf?! 🤬 he’s touching every single part of her body🤬 too touchy
We took a chance 1 month ago
The dude was so touchy with Lauren like wtf?! 🤬 he’s touching every single part of her body🤬
Cassie 1 month ago
lauren's dancer was too touchy with her. I don't like that.
lolatthisname 1 month ago
1:18 ally trying to get back in shot 😂😂
President Stewart 1 month ago
Dinah Jane is sexy AF 😎😍😎😍
Kaila Steele 1 month ago
if i was the guy dancing with dinah, i would definitely die on the floor
Morganna Parrish 2 months ago
Lauren looks like she is enjoying it to much 😂😂😂
Gift Dickson 2 months ago
Ray Santtos 2 months ago
Não tem como ouvir essa música e não lembrar de Diogo paródias!!
JJ Squad 2 months ago
Umm I would have thought Lauren would leave the group first because she doesn’t even really get to sang
OT5 5Hstan 2 months ago
OMG this is too much for me
Entreterimento Para Vocês 2 months ago
Suzettesu Grasya 2 months ago
3:41-3:43 Did he just touch Lauren's meow !!?? THAT WAS TOO MUCH! I'MA KILL YOU DUDE!!!
Cassie 1 month ago
I'm with you ! i was like bruh WTF ?!?
Medha das 2 months ago
Full f****** moments is going on
Thomas Cheung 2 months ago
I like to get Dunk with those guys will have celebration next week :)
Mabigail Ermino 2 months ago
1:58 No More Allysus 2:07 Norminah Moment As F*ck
liliancosta08 2 months ago
O bailarino da Lauren tava querendo hein? Kdjskdb
Bob Vickers 3 months ago
i love you ally & dinah you slayed
Maria Jose Cossio Silos 3 months ago
ya no son lo mismo sin Camila cabello
Whendrick gue 3 months ago
When i saw for the first time this video i thought thats was sex porn video i am so glad camilla out
ChylaXx16 Doge 3 months ago
Is it just me but that guy was really feeling her up on the couch???
Chindie Jade 4 months ago
i notice that if u listen VERY closely, u hear the hidden vocals of he like that, and the he trip when he on it, one taste and he want it part was sung by dinah this time instead of Normani
Nicki Leah 4 months ago
this is one of their best performances like ever
Rafaela Belo 4 months ago
Leart Avdiu 4 months ago
Irani Pimenta 4 months ago
Normani e esse cabelo. 😍😍😍
kalanie adams 4 months ago
Let's Take A Moment And Remember This M'fkin Lit Performance 🔥🤤Normani Was Born For This‼🍫🤤The Other Girls We're Awesome As Well🍫🔥
Me and You? You and Me 4 months ago
2:43 I legit wanna kill that guy, he was so goddamn touchy, I mean I understand it was the choreo, but that was too much, the rest of the guys weren't that touchy
Me and You? You and Me 4 months ago
stop being so touchy with Lern pls
claudiamarcela75 4 months ago
Lauen Hot Hot Hot
QueenK James 4 months ago
Normani 😍😍😍🤤
Robert Carter 4 months ago
fifth harmony love you is on the and happy EUD day miss you robby carter
Sofía 4 months ago
A Camila no le gusto esto :v
Maria Eduarda 4 months ago
2:44 MY GOOOD ♥♥♥♥♥