Best of Michael's Misquotes - The Office US

Над видео могла бы быть ваша реклама.
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Под видео могла бы быть ваша реклама.

Best of Michael's Misquotes  - The Office US

'That's sort of an oaky after-birth.' All the times Michael Scott would try words and phrases that were way out of his vocabulary Watch The Office US on Google Play: & iTunes Subscribe: This is the official YouTube channel for The Office US. Home to all of the official clips from the series, the funniest moments, pranks and fails. Think we should feature your favourite episode? Let us know in the comments! FB : Twitter : Website :

Comments to the video: Best of Michael's Misquotes - The Office US

justaleafinthewind 37 minutes ago
“He heals leopards.”
zeezeenu 4 hours ago
Jan: I underestimated you Michael Michael: well, maybe next time you’ll estimate me
Chicken Man 6 hours ago
I will give you a hint. His last name is Christ, he has the power of flight. he can heal leopards
Ryan King 14 hours ago
8:12 How the turn tables.
Nuj 21 18 hours ago
I like “you know what they say, keep your friends close. .
Nuj 21 18 hours ago
tucker kirkes 1 day ago
my favorites are i’m not to be truffled with and well well how the turn tables
Jenny G 1 day ago
It's for charity, and I consider myself a great philanderer.
Ava Warkentin 1 day ago
as the seasons went on, michael gained more hair
Dante Salcido 1 day ago
Zoly 12 1 day ago
You missed one, our balls are in your court. He says it while in the conference to negotiate for his own company the Michael Scott paper company.
Sela 2 days ago
Serena Gesa 2 days ago
I missed some of these.
Shaun Flory 2 days ago
“When the turn tables.” - Michael Scott
Dan Hughes 3 days ago
Rishymukh vyas 4 days ago
Rest of the world-Pam Michael Scott-Pham
KW II 4 days ago
David's funniest moment- Michael- David guess who I am sitting here as David- I am not going to guess, either you tell me or I will hang up 😂😂😂😂
KW II 4 days ago
Michael- well you encouraged it, you are complicit. complicit? Jim- No Michael- well you are all successories 🤣
Joel Segner 4 days ago
@8:08 how the turntables.
Awesome Person 4 days ago
McIvan Namboya 5 days ago
Lool I feel like i'll end up saying one of these accidentistly
Hostility 434 5 days ago
4:49 hands down the best.
Ian McIntyre 6 days ago
I am Not to be Truffled with
Erbil forever 6 days ago
The sound of this video feels do realistic, it feels like the noises from the office is around me for real
TimoManuel33 - 6 days ago
Came to think of it, the live and let live bit isn't wrong either That lyric is on the song, so yeah.
Raphael Alexander 6 days ago
I'm crying.
Justin. 9 6 days ago
Fool me once strike one, fool me twice.. Strike three.
D.DoT-Z 7 days ago
. *what was that*
Nick Xschurz 8 days ago
Sort of a oaky after birth
Creasing Drip40 8 days ago
Ian J. 8 days ago
“i had an epiphery”
Mr Cowtipper 9 days ago
I wish you let the one from Phyllis’s wedding run like two seconds longer
Louie Jake 9 days ago
Well well well. How the turn tables.
Louie Jake 9 days ago
Contraption 😂
Derpyderp 9 days ago
My mind is going a mile an hour. That fast? A Jim-style burn courtesy of his soulmate.
Derpyderp 9 days ago
No rest for the sick. ~ Dictator Scott.
Mando Mendez 9 days ago
They are un-understandable lmaoooooo
Snazzer 10 days ago
Luke McCrobie 11 days ago
Who else had no idea what misquotes meant but still watched it bc it the office? 😂
Snazzer 10 days ago
Luke McCrobie are you stupid
TheDarkKnight 13 days ago
Michael is a great philanderar
Micol Cavuoto Mei 13 days ago
welding was the best
tyelandd 14 days ago
I’m ununderstandable 🤷🏾‍♀️
Mon Lucas 15 days ago
No Looks like I underestimated you Well next time you should estimate me ??
Rob LaQuon 15 days ago
The biggest misquote: Sah-brey
Guy Mcman 15 days ago
Just a friendly reminder that if you are in need of someone to talk to or vent to or open up to I’m here for you. If you’re depressed then I’m here to try and help you. After 4 suicide attempts I think I’m pretty much qualified to try and help you through your darkest moments. If you need even a friend feel free to Message me.
Jackaboy_Rokz 789 15 days ago
6:46 my fave misquote
Sexhaie 16 days ago
5:00 Trump addressing his indictment from FBI director Robert Mueller (colorized, 2019)
Jany Hayde 16 days ago
Hey, why are you wearing a turtle neck?
Jany Hayde 16 days ago
1:44 OMFG
Sons of Venom 16 days ago
Intrepid_Trvlr 17 days ago
Thats easy for you to say, you have no imagination, I live in a fantasy world!
Sophie 17 days ago
“Respect! R-E-S-P-C-T! Find out what it means to me!!”
Jim Pula 17 days ago
I am downloading some N3p music for a cd mix tape.
Zoologic21 17 days ago
n3p, oh GOD was that funny. It's a misspelling and an incorrect arrangement of the letters. Jim just casually calls him out for it so nonplussed, it's just amazing.
uh huh listen boi my first love story 17 days ago
uh huh listen boi my first love story 17 days ago
definitely misread that as *_michaels mosquitoes_*
Hrithik George 17 days ago
I too have Anorextica, albeit self-diagnosed Anorextica, but Anorexticania nonetheotherless.
John Jonny J Johnson Jr 17 days ago
Abraham Lincoln once said, if you forget this quote, I will attack you with the North.
Tom Gallagher - Second Hand Media 18 days ago
work on your audio levels seriously.
Daniel Skrivan 18 days ago
I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious - this one works, it shouldn't be a misquote!
Daniel Skrivan 18 days ago
Fool me once, Strike One. Fool me twice, Strike Three.
Daniel Skrivan 18 days ago
Webster's dictionary defines 'wedding' as the connecting of two metals with a hot torch.
Jayden Glass 18 days ago
“He can heal leopards”😂
Cebo Mdlalose 18 days ago
To David wallice guess who I'm sitting here as. Let me give you a hint. He has the power of flight and can heal leopards 🤣🤣
Stephen Poole 18 days ago
“The prod - the prog-idal - my son returns.” lol
Chiranjib Baruah 18 days ago
RESPEESVEETEE Everyone knows I'm a great philanderer.
Josh Deese 19 days ago
“Mmmm, that’s sort of an oaky afterbirth.”
KaShari Williams 19 days ago
Micheal- My mind is going a mile an hour. Pam- That fast?
Jmansammy Chase 19 days ago
ASAP as possible hahahaha
Radio KJD 19 days ago
Doctor Orange 20 days ago
He healed leopards instead of He healed lepers
emma barrow 20 days ago
This isn't long enough That's what he said.right, because of gay No ok
Gamerboy 5454 20 days ago
What I your favorite color the Office quote? A: Identity theft is not a joke B: That's what she said C: I declare bankruptcy
Diortelon 21 days ago
God Christ, with the power of flight and healing leopards!
cheeseburger 22 days ago
Ivan Sviridovich 23 days ago
No Dwight! Respect! R-E-S- P-Svee- T Find out what it means to me!
Adam Ghafoor 23 days ago
You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. -Wayne Gretzky -Micheal Scott
Jessica Astorga 24 days ago
Michael:”My mind is going a mile an hour”.Pam: “really? That fast?” Hahaha
Intelligent Duck 25 days ago
Well well well *How the turn tables*
sour sweet 25 days ago
Best of Cafe Disco
DJ Dresen 25 days ago
His last name is Christ He has the power of flight He can heal leopards
DJ Dresen 25 days ago
Collared people. Lol
Potter Tube 25 days ago
those things are like ticking time bags
dylan gideon 25 days ago
They could call any second
Julien Panado 25 days ago
Oh how the turn tables..
Luzelle Dela Cruz 26 days ago
You're going to H.E.L.L. double hot sticks 😂😂😂
Blake Sorenson 26 days ago
Michael’s Malapropisms
Walter Galdamez 29 days ago
You talkin to me? Pacino. Raging bull
unicorn light 29 days ago
Well well well, how the turrn tables
teamoriginal_ gamers115 29 days ago
How the turn tables have..
Al Landeros 29 days ago
Take heed of. 😂
Al Landeros 29 days ago
Live an let live. Its a james bond. 😂😂
sukhjit singh reehal 1 month ago
Michael looked up the meaning of *welding* instead of *wedding* in the dictionary 😂😂😂🤣🤣
Nano Refaat 1 month ago
Those things are ticking time bags!!! OMG I'm dead
Theyre trying to make me an escape goat lol
Saurav Sharma 1 month ago
Where are the Mosquitoes?
Ben Truong 1 month ago
Emperor Palpitate 1 month ago
Those things are like ticking timebags.
angelasings24 1 month ago
ho hO HOOOO contraptions she’s *contraptinggg*
Mr. Duckford 1 month ago
Probably the best video on this channel